Lecture session B2L-A / 10:10am – 11:10am

Digital & Mixed-Circuit Design II: General Purpose Digital & Mixed-Signal Circuits
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10:10am – 5002 Fully Integrated Dual-Channel Gate Driver and Area Efficient PID Compensator for Surge Tolerant Power Sensor Interface

10:22am – 5045 Improved π-Delayed Harmonic Rejection N-Path Mixer for Low Power Consumption and Multistandard Receiver

10:34am – 5092 A 1.99-ns 0.5-pJ Wide Frequency Range Level Shifter with Closed-Loop Negative Feedback

10:46am – 5110 A High Voltage Multi-Purpose On-the-Fly Reconfigurable Half-Bridge Gate Driver for GaN HEMTs in 0.18-µm HV SOI CMOS Technology

10:58am -5166 Improving the Partial Product Tree Compression on Signed Radix-2ᵐ Parallel Multipliers

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