Lecture session B1L-A / 9:00am – 10:00am

Digital & Mixed-Circuit Design I: Analog-to-Digital Conversion
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9:00am – 5103 Design Methodology and Timing Considerations for Implementing a TDC on a Cyclone V FPGA Target

9:12am – 5122 Digital Calibration of Capacitor Mismatch and Comparison Offset in Split-CDAC SAR ADCs with Redundancy

9:24am – 5132 A Hybrid 4th-Order 4-Bit Continuous-Time ∆Σ Modulator in 65-nm CMOS Technology

9:36am – 5148 OTA-Free MASH Two-Step Incremental ADC Based on Noise Shaping SAR ADCs

9:48am – 5160 Non-Linear Calibration of Pipeline ADCs Using a Histogram-Based Estimation of the Redundant INL

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