Lecture session B1L-B / 9:00am – 10:00am

Biomedical Circuits and Systems
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9:00am – 5041 Towards Safe and Robust Closed-Loop Artificial Pancreas Using Adaptive Weighted PID Control Strategy

9:12am – 5125 High-Speed and Low-Noise Multichannel System for Broadband Coherent Raman Imaging

9:24am – 5130 Synthetic Ultra-Wideband Integrated Pulse Generator for Millimeter-Wave Imaging Applications

9:36am – 5031 FlowTrojan: Insertion and Detection of Hardware Trojans on Flow-Based Microfluidic Biochips

9:48am – 5136 Critical Comparison of Sequential and Non-Sequential Modes Usage for the Design of a Czerny-Turner Spectrometer

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