Lecture session C2L-A / 10:25am – 11:25am

Special Sessions: State-of-the-Art Solutions for IC Testing
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10:25am – 5097 Static Linearity BIST for Vcm-Based Switching SAR ADCs Using a Reduced-Code Measurement Technique

10:37am – 5171 Using Optimized Butterworth-Based ΣΔ Bitstreams for the Testing of High-Resolution Data Converters

10:49am – 5179 Accelerating STT-MRAM Ramp-Up Characterization

11:01am – 5174 On the Importance of Bias-Dependent Charge Injection for SET Evaluation in AMS Circuits

11:13am – 5042 A New Single Event Transient Hardened Floating Gate Configurable Logic Circuit

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